REU Participants and Projects

Student & Institution Mentor(s) Project Title
Matthew Klimek
Rutgers University
Sean Points & Chris Smith Multi-Wavelength Investigation of Newly Discovered SNRs in the LMC
Drew Newman
Washington University in St. Louis
Armin Rest A difference Imaging method for Extracting Light Echo Fluxes with an Application to SN 1987A
Gwen Rudie
Dartmouth College
Bryan Miller The Formation of a dE Nucleus Caught in the Act
Anne Sweet
Macalester College
Bernadette Rodgers & Greg Doppmann Near infrared spectra of Herbig Ae/Be double stars
Brad Tucker
Notre Dame
Knut Olsen & Bob Blum Do the LMC and Milky Way Globular Clusters Share a Common Origin?
Allison Widhalm
University of Southern California
Stella Kafka WIYN Open Cluster Study: Long Period Variables in NGC 2141

PIA Students and Projects:

Student & Institution Mentor(s) Project Title
Maria Jose Cordero
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Nicole van der Bliek &
Sandrine Thomas
Searching for Herbig Ae/Be multiples
Renee Mateluna
Universidad de Concepcio³n
Hugo Schwarz & Joey Richards Properties of Planetary Nebulae
Guillermo Damke
Universidad de La Serena
Armin Rest Probing Dust Structures with Light Echos

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