U.S. REU Participants and Projects

Student & Institution Advisor Project Title
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Melanie Blackburn
West Virginia University
Eric Rubenstein A Search for Dwarf Novae in Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae
John Bright
Mesa State College, Colorado
Knut Olsen Identifying the Globular Cluster Systems of the Sculptor Group
Ben Johnson
University of California, Los Angeles
Stefanie Wachter A Search for the Orbital Period of LMXB X0614+091
Tanya Tavenner
University of Washington
Donald Hoard Optical Counterparts of X-ray Sources in the SMC

Chilean Students and Projects: Práctica de Investigacíon en Astronomía (PIA) Program

Student & Institution Advisor Project Title
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Axel Bonacic
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago
Bob Schommer Peculiar Motions with a Set of SN Ia Distances
Juan Seguel
Universidad de Concepción
Chris Smith Testing completeness of and refining the NGSS residual search methods

Chilean Students and Projects: Electrical Engineering Interns

Student & Institution Advisor Project Title
Felipe Daruich
Universidad Católica de Valparaiso
Max Boccas Study of Vibrations in the Blanco 4-m Telescope
Mario Caceres
Universidad Técnica de Federico Santa María, Valparaiso
Roger Smith Image Processing and Animation for the Cloud Camera Feasibility Study

Other Highlights

  • Tour of Cerro Tololo
  • Tour of Cerro Pachon and the Gemini South facility
  • Observing at CTIO: the Curtis Schmidt, 0.9-m, and 1.5-m telescopes
  • Participating in the CTIO/ESO/LCO Scientific Meeting ``Stars, Dust, and Galaxies: Exploring the Links''
  • Trips to Vicuna, Pisco Elqui, Los Choros, and Argentina
  • Asado (cookout) at the CTIO Director's house
  • Asado (cookout) at the REU/PIA/Engineering Students' house

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