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Instructions for Fast Beam Simulations

Glass Filter Spectral Transmission Curves from Schott Catalog (reproduced with permission from Schott Glass Technologies, Inc.)

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NOIRLab Filter Database

Filter FWHM (Å) CWL (Å) Telescope Instrument Plot Data Comments
CO20 330.00 22890.00 Gemini North NIRI CO20 CO20
SII_G0317 52.00 6720.00 Gemini North GMOS-N SII_G0317 SII_G0317
H2 314.00 21220.00 Gemini North GNIRS H2 H2
FEII 270.00 16440.00 Gemini North NIRI FEII FEII
Y_G0323 1023.00 10100.00 Gemini North GMOS-N Y_G0323 Y_G0323
J 1626.00 12558.00 Gemini North GNIRS J J
H 2910.00 16500.00 Gemini North NIRI H H
H 179.00 15700.00 Gemini North NIRI H H

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