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Glass Filter Spectral Transmission Curves from Schott Catalog (reproduced with permission from Schott Glass Technologies, Inc.)

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NOIRLab Filter Database

Filter FWHM (Å) CWL (Å) Telescope Instrument Plot Data Comments
J9440 Gemini South Phoenix J9440 Start (cm-1 μm): 9396=1.064 - Stop (cm-1 μm): 9497=1.053 - Echelle order 53
L3100 Gemini South Phoenix L3100 Start (cm-1 μm): 3030=3.300 - Stop (cm-1 μm): 3145=3.180 - Echelle order 17
J9671 Gemini South Phoenix J9671 Start (cm-1 μm): 9652=1.036 - Stop (cm-1 μm): 9709=1.030 - Echelle order 55. Currently not installed in Phoenix.
L3290 Gemini South Phoenix L3290 Start (cm-1 μm): 3240=3.085 - Stop (cm-1 μm): 3355=2.980 - Echelle order 19
K4132 Gemini South Phoenix K4132 Start (cm-1 μm): 4077=2.452 - Stop (cm-1 μm): 4156=2.406 - Echelle order 23. Currently not installed in Phoenix.
K4220 Gemini South Phoenix K4220 Start (cm-1 μm): 4188=2.392 - Stop (cm-1 μm): 4263=2.348 - Echelle order 24
K4308 Gemini South Phoenix K4308 Start (cm-1 μm): 4258=2.349 - Stop (cm-1 μm): 4355=2.296 - Echelle order 24
U k1001 k1001, k1001frs, KPNO Mosaic Standard UBVRI and White Filters k1001, k1001frs Note that there is a shift in central wavelength when placed in different f/ratio beams. At the KPNO 4meter f/3.1 beam this corresponds to a shift of approximately 12 Angstroms bluer; at the CTIO 4meter f/2.9 this corresponds to a shift of approximately 15 Angstroms bluer; at the WIYN 0.9m f/7.9 this corresponds to a shift of approximately 5 Angstroms bluer.

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