Submit Science/Infrastructure Pitch

In advance of this workshop, we would like to solicit science and infrastructure ideas from the community in the form of brief, one-page white papers. These papers can review the current state of follow-up resources, report on existing collaborations and partnerships, identify potential obstacles to success, and/or make recommendations to address the workshop goals.  We encourage contributors to post these papers to the arXiv. Further instructions can be found in the link below:

Please submit your 1-pg Science/Infrastructure pitch using this form.

The deadline for submission has been extended to Oct 9, 2023.  Please use the link above to submit your form. If you are having difficulties submitting through the form, the PDF documents can be emailed to the organizers here.  There is a one-page limit for text, not including figures, tables and references as needed.  An overleaf template for the PDF is available here.