Science Announcements

Gemini at CASCA and AAS 242

27 June 2023

Gemini staff in June attended the 2023 meeting of the Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA) in Penticton, British Columbia, along with members of the Canadian

Back with a Bang: Gemini DD Observations of Supernova 2023ixf

27 June 2023

Gemini North’s first science observations were of the Type II SN 2023ixf, the closest supernova discovered in nearly a decade. Gemini was able to

GMOS-N B600 PIs are encouraged to use B480 grating

27 June 2023

Since the GMOS-N B600 grating has degraded significantly, we encourage all PIs of GMOS-N B600 programs to use the new B480 grating instead of

Gemini 2023B Schedule Release

27 June 2023

The International Gemini Observatory 2023B observing programs and schedule have been announced! Note that the latest version of the Observing Tool is required to

GHOST System Verification Update

27 June 2023

Raw data taken for the GHOST System Verification (SV) run (10–18 May 2023) are now publicly available through the archive. Details on the

Gemini Mirror Final Status Update: 7 June 2023

27 June 2023

Gemini North returned to night-time operations on 2 June; Its first science observations after the repairs were of the galaxy Messier 101 and the

Gemini Fast Turnaround: June 2023

27 June 2023

We are pleased to announce the monthly Call for Proposals for the Gemini Fast Turnaround (FT) Program. The upcoming deadline is 12:00 (noon) Hawai‘i

New Telescope Status Pages Facilitate Target-of-Opportunity Observations

23 May 2023

As the number of Target of Opportunity (ToO) proposals has increased at Gemini, the telescope status pages for Gemini North and Gemini South have