Science Announcements

2008 Dutch Christiaan Huygens Science Award to Dr. Mariska Kriek

14 October 2008

Image Caption: Mariska Kriek works outside on Mauna Kea while in Hawaii for an observing run at Gemini. Astronomer Dr. Mariska Kriek has been

ALTAIR Survey Results

30 September 2008

In a previous issue of Currents, readers were encouraged to respond to the online survey of the ALTAIR committee. The ALTAIR committee

Reorganization of Observing Process web pages

1 September 2008

We continue to work on improving Gemini's web pages. We have revised the pages in the Observing with Gemini section, and added pages in

Program UpdateBuilding the System: A Phased Plan to Address the ReSTAR Recommendations and Priorities

31 July 2008

In a previous issue of Currents, we summarized the recommendations of the ReSTAR (Renewing Small Telescopes for Astronomical Research) committee. The committee studied

Opportunity for Classical Observing at Gemini in 2009A

31 July 2008

Verne V. Smith, Todd Boroson, David Silva The two Gemini telescopes provide several unique and powerful capabilities to US observers, such as full-sky coverage

Chris Smith Named Director of Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory

31 July 2008

R. Chris Smith has been selected as the next director of Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO). He will take up the directorship in November

LSST Science Collaboration Membership Applications Invited

30 June 2008

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) project and NOAO announce the opportunity for interested members of the US astronomy and physics communities to participate

ALTAIR Seeks Community Input

30 June 2008

As described previously in Currents, the Senior Review report urged NOAO to ensure that community access to facilities remains scientifically balanced over all