DESI’s three-dimensional “CT scan” of the Universe

DESI’s three-dimensional “CT scan” of the Universe. The Earth is in the lower left, looking out in the directions of the constellations Virgo, Serpens and Hercules to distances beyond 5 billion light-years. As this video progresses, the vantage point sweeps through 20 degrees towards the constellations Bootes and Corona Borealis. Each colored point represents a galaxy, which in turn is composed of 100 billion to 1 trillion stars.  Gravity has clustered the galaxies into structures called the “cosmic web”, with dense clusters, filaments and voids. 


D. Schlegel/Berkeley Lab using data from DESI

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Release date:Jan. 13, 2022, 9 a.m.
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Duration:16 s
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