Extragalactic Globular Clusters in different Environments. Is there a Big Picture?

Thursday, 03 October 2013 9 a.m. — 10 a.m. MST

AURA Lecture Hall

NOIRLab South Colloquia
PETER PESSEV (Gemini South)

During the passed quarter of a century the field of extragalactic globular clusters research experienced a rapidly accelerating development. The results were summarized in a series of review papers and recently the first catalog publication was released. The compilation of Harris, Harris and Alessi 2013 contains information about the globular cluster systems of 422 galaxies covering a large range of galaxy types and masses. Using these data and cross-correlating with information about the environment in which the individual galaxies reside, I present some preliminary results about the globular cluster systems properties as a function of the environment. These should be taken into account when planning future studies, surveys or individual observations. Although this first of it's type compilation looks impressive, more data is needed to explore some of the most interesting trends.