FLASH Talks: Mapping the circumgalactic medium with Lyα emission (Dawn Erb) & A Wide-Area View on Reionization: Exploring Massive z~7 Galaxies and their Host Ionized Bubbles (Ryan Endsley)

Friday, 22 October 2021 noon — 1 p.m. MST

Dawn Erb (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) & Ryan Endsley (Steward)
Dawn Erb, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Mapping the circumgalactic medium with Lyα emission 
The circumgalactic medium modulates most of the key processes of galaxy evolution. Outflows powered by star formation drive gas out of the galaxy and into the CGM, where it may be reaccreted onto the galaxy or continue on to leave the galaxy entirely. New fuel for star formation may be accreted through the CGM, likely via dense, cold streams of gas. Ionizing photons that make their way out of the galaxy must also traverse the neutral hydrogen in the CGM. 

I will present new integral field observations of Lyα emission in the circumgalactic medium of galaxies at z~2 from the Keck Cosmic Web Imager. In combination with new spatially resolved radiative transfer models, these data enable enable constraints on the kinematics and distribution of neutral hydrogen in the CGM on scales of tens of kiloparsecs.
Ryan Endsley, Steward Observatory
A Wide-Area View on Reionization: Exploring Massive z~7 Galaxies and their Host Ionized Bubbles
Several deep optical and near-infrared surveys covering ~deg^2 fields have begun nearing completion in recent years, enabling the identification of large samples of massive z>6 galaxies. These wide-area datasets offer unique clues into how these early massive systems assembled and how they (along with their neighboring fainter sources) drove the formation of the largest ionized bubbles created during reionization. In this talk, I will present results from a study aimed at characterizing a large sample of UV-bright, massive galaxies at z~7 identified across 7 deg^2. As part of this study, we explore the ionized bubbles surrounding massive z~7 galaxies using results from an MMT/Binospec follow-up campaign.


FLASH Talks are scientific talks for the staff at NOIRLab and the University of Arizona's Steward Observatory. For the Zoom link, please email Parker Fagrelius.