Picture Yourself in a STEAM Career with Rubin Voices Trading Cards

Thursday, 24 August 2023 9 a.m. — 10 a.m. MST

Online event

Rubin Investigations
Ardis Herrold, Justine Schaen (Rubin Observatory, NSF's NOIRLab)
Registration: https://ghou2023.handsonuniverse.org/registration/

Rubin Voices are a collection of profiles of persons who contribute to the science discovery process of the Observatory. They emphasize the diversity of backgrounds, personal interests, world views, and STEAM careers that all are integral to successful operations. Each Rubin Voice contains an audio file so the featured person can be heard in their own voice/accent as well as viewed. A downloadable "trading card" of each person is also available. This workshop will introduce our namesake, Vera Rubin, who was a champion for equity and inclusion among the professional astronomers of her time. We will demonstrate some ways that the trading cards can be used in informal education or classroom settings. Then time will be provided so that participants can make their own trading cards, share them, and discuss ideas for how this activity can be implemented.