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Rubin Digest 2 October 2015

2 October 2015

Update: Earthquake In Chile

  • LSST construction activities on Cerro Pachón have returned to normal following the recent earthquake. The concrete batch plant is back in operation and the 70-ton crane is on the summit, placing steel frames at the corners of the facilities building.  See image on FaceBook(link is external).

Project Office News

  • B. Willman traveled to New Haven to speak to the AURA Board of Directors about preparing the community to conduct LSST science, and traveled to Monterey to present a talk at the GMT Community Workshop about "LSST - A Discovery Machine for ELT Era Science".  See Beth’s GMT slides(link is external).
  • S. Kahn gave the AURA Board an update on LSST construction progress; work on the Operations Governance Plan continues.  
  • Z. Ivezic, chair of the Project Science Team, reports that last week’s meeting included these discussion topics:
    • A planned “clarification” update to the Science Requirements Document
    • Development of a System-wide parameters database coordinated among all subsystems
    • A policy for open access to commissioning data

Project Subsystem News

Camera: The Filter Coating procurement review was executed in preparation for release of RFP by LLNL.

Data Management: Version 11.0 of the LSST Stack (aka Summer 2015) is available at

Telescope & Site: In today’s project blog posting B. Gressler writes about this week’s Preliminary Design Review of the Telescope Mount Assembly in Spain. 

Systems Engineering: The monthly Risk Management Meeting reviewed risks and opportunities in the EPO and Project Management Office subsystems.     


October 1-2, 2015: Sensor Test Stand Readiness Review, Brookhaven National Lab
October 8-9, 2015: LSSTC Board Meeting, Tucson, AZ
November 12, 2015: LSST Workshop @ 47th DPS Meeting, National Harbor, MD
November 19-20, 2015: LSST Observing Strategy Retreat, Tucson, AZ
December 3-4, 2015: NSF Status Review
January 7, 2016: LSST Town Hall @AAS 227, Kissammee, FL
February 22 – 24, 2016: LSST Joint Technical Meeting, Santa Cruz, CA   

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