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March 2017 NOAO Newsletter

2 March 2017

The March 2017 NOAO Newsletter is online and ready to download. It contains sections on Science Highlights, Community Science & Data, System Observing: Telescopes and Instruments, and NOAO Operations & Staff.

On the Cover

NOAO is developing tools for the astronomical community to enable research using big datasets from multiple sources. The cover image is the first panel of “Tales of the Modern Astronomer: Boom Goes the Night,” which tells the story of a young researcher who uses tools such as ANTARES to find the optical afterglow of a gravitational wave detection by combining LIGO with the LSST alert stream to identify optical afterglow candidates that can be followed up with telescopes such as Gemini and the Blanco 4mtelescope using the Dark Energy Camera.

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March 2017NOAO Newsletter
March 2017NOAO Newsletter