geminiann08003 — Announcement

Special Session of the Gemini Board Resolves UK Partnership Issue

25 January 2008

The Gemini Board determined during a special session on January 24, 2008 that a recently submitted proposal from the UK’s Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) for reduced on-going participation in the Gemini partnership is not in the best interest of the observatory. As a result, the board concluded that the UK has withdrawn from the Gemini partnership. The effects of this action are immediate and are articulated in the Board resolutions which can be found here.

The observatory, together with the Gemini Board, reiterates their confidence that their vision for Gemini, as a world-class astronomical research facility, will be fulfilled despite the loss of a long-time partner. The partnership, through the Board and in close consultation with the Observatory and our Gemini communities, will be looking to the future in the coming months and taking a measured and deliberate approach to the reformulation of the partnership.


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